- The collective of Ling (otherwise known as Ruka). Version 11 features a photograph taken by me of this beautiful cave in Guilin, China. This is the "city overlooking the lake", with all the colors unmodified from its original photograph. Navigation is at the top. Best viewed in screen resolution 800x600+


August 2, 2010 - Finally, new post at my food blog, Ling Li Eats. Took a 3-month hiatus to figure out my life but hoping to expand my online presence again with other site features! I am also officially shutting down trifles n jewels today, a rarely publicized personal site that has enjoyed time online since 2003? Some of the old writings will be archived at Ling Li Eats once I figure out what to do with the website. The Lemon Adoption Center is also being shut down, remnants of an internet fad that passed years ago. RIP. =(

March 31, 2010 - Official unveiling of my revamped food blog! Ling Li Eats. New name, new layout, more frequent postings. =) Om nom.

April 24, 2009 - Mystical Aura and all its affiliated websites have been successfully moved over to the new server (though I'm still working on the sites that have databases to transfer over..) If you notice any broken links or images not showing up, please let me know! I know a lot of the websites are no longer updated - just view them as a time capsule of my past works and interests. :) Thanks for visiting!